Why hire a doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person that assists their clients in a number of different ways. A postpartum doula gives their clients specific emotional support, evidence based information to help the client make their own choices when it comes to care for themselves and their new baby, and assistance around the client’s home to ease the mother’s burden of housework.

What is NOT included in the role of a postpartum doula?

A doula is not to tell the client which choices they are to make, rather to lay out the options and let the client decide. A doula is also not to throw judgement for whatever choices the mother decides to make. We are simply support and guidance to help the mother recover and to help her bond with her new baby.

As a postpartum doula, do you also attend births?

As of right now, I am exclusively a postpartum doula, not a birth doula. There are a number of birth doulas in the Northeast Indiana area, as well as doulas that choose to be both birth and postpartum supporters. My passion, however, is being there for mothers after giving birth.

Is there a community in the Northeast Indiana area of doulas?

Yes! I am a part of the Community Doula Collective. We are the only group of all certified or certifying doulas in the Northeast Indiana area. If you are looking for a birth doula, lactation support, etc., I recommend starting with this wonderful collective of doulas. Learn more about us at communitydoulacollective.com

Can I hire you for just a day or two, instead of purchasing one of your packages?

Absolutely! Click on the "Add-Ons" tab at the top to learn more!

What do I do if I need medical advice?

Since a doula is a non-medical provider, we are not to prescribe, diagnose, or even recommend a path for a client to take. I can give you evidence based research to the best of my knowledge on information you may need, but it is best to reach out to your medical care provider for anything more than that.

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