About Me

My name is Seyly Reynolds. I have been married to the love of my life since the summer of 2013 and I have 2 sweet boys with him.

      My postpartum experience with my first child is what brought me to the path of becoming a postpartum doula. I attempted to deliver him at home and ended up having a cesarian section in the hospital. I found myself wildly unprepared to not only recover from a major surgery, but with knowing the ins and outs of newborn care. I started to wonder if other moms felt this way and quickly learned that many do. I wanted to do something about it. 

      I went through a very thorough training processes through Childbirth International and attained my postpartum doula certification in order to come to my clients with proper educational and emotional support. And I am always working at continuing to educate myself as much as I can.

I would be more than thrilled to be there for you in your most sacred days following birth!

Other interests/hobbies of mine include: singing on the worship team at my church, sharing the beauty and magic of essential oils with others, cooking (more so than baking), and traveling to new and fun places with my family.


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